Professional Development Scholarship

Purpose of the Scholarship: The CCLD Board strives to provide teachers with the opportunity to renew or advance their enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge of evidenced-based practices that support students’ academic and social-emotional needs in the classroom. CCLD will reimburse up to $200.00 for approved conferences or workshops.

Eligibility: CCLD/CLD members who are currently employed in a Colorado school (pre-K–12) may submit applications for preapproval of a conference or workshop. Applications will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified of approval status within 30 days.

Requirements: The member will need to prepay for the conference and submit proof of payment. Once the member has attended an approved conference, documentation of attendance and relevant receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. Documentation of attendance may include a copy of a CDE Certificate of Attendance for recertification hours or other documentation provided by the sponsoring organization. In addition, the member will submit a brief summary (one page or less) of the conference and indicate how it will impact the member’s instructional practices.

There is a cap on the funds available each year. Once the funds are allocated, the application process will be closed. Note that only fully-completed applications will be considered.

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