2014 CCLD Teacher of the Year Award

Annemarie Dempsey

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is proud to recognize Annemarie Dempsey as the recipient of the 2014 Teacher of the Year Award. Annemarie is a Learning Specialist at Campus Middle School in the Cherry Creek School District in Englewood, Colorado.

She provides leadership on a building and district level, serving as a co-facilitator of the district-wide SLD Literacy Study Team and providing building-level coaching and professional development on effective co-teaching strategies.

Annemarie is committed to the craft of teaching. Through most of her teaching career, Annemarie focused on literacy instruction and is highly qualified in reading. She is currently working towards highly-qualified in math and is the recipient of an award for outstanding research for her project on math intervention.

Annemarie is not done learning and perfecting her teaching craft. She is a leader in our district and a model teacher for those around her. It is her attention to detail and her dedication to students and to teaching that makes Annemarie simply one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Mark Semmler, District Special Education Coordinator

One of the greatest assets in the academic realm is a teacher who fosters excellence and inspires success. Annemarie is one of these extraordinary teachers. She gives of herself to the students at Campus Middle School in a way that is heroic. Dedication, enthusiasm, passion, selflessness, and innovation hardly scratch the surface in describing her character. Annemarie cares for her students both academically and as young adults in a way that is inspiring and motivating. She changes lives and does it with grace and humility second to none.
Kristina Kontny, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

While most of us take our lunch breaks with colleagues, Annemarie spends hers with a few students who need a calmer environment than the cafeteria. Throughout this hectic, selfless day, she is always smiling and happy to be with her students.
Kerry Sheedy, Mathematics Teacher

Congratulations to Annemarie!