2017 CCLD Professional of the Year Award and

Floyd G. Hudson Outstanding Service Award

Philippe Ernewein

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities (CCLD) awarded the 2017 Professional of the Year to Philippe Ernewein. Phillippe went on to compete for and was awarded the prestigious Floyd G. Hudson Award. He will be recognized at the International CLD Conference in Baltimore in October. Philippe is currently the Director of Education for Denver Academy in Denver, Colorado.

“There is a quote from my favorite poet Gary Snyder that serves as my north star: ‘Find your place on the planet.  Dig in, and take responsibility from there.’  That’s what I did over twenty years ago as a first teacher with Teach for America, the national corps whose mission is to provide an excellent education for all students.   From day to day the students showed me their ability was greater than any disability they may have been labeled with.  They opened my mind to thinking beyond a singular definition of intelligence and helped shape and prepare me for my life-long work of advocacy, teaching, learning, and listening.  From public schools to the independent network, my career path has been about scaling successful inclusive learning environments to impact more students, families, and communities.  Specifically, my work has centered around empowering and supporting students with diagnosed learning disabilities.”

“I have known and worked with Philippe for over 20 years, and I have never encountered a more passionate, professional, and dedicated educator.  From his first years of teaching, he has managed to find a distinct satisfaction and effectiveness in teaching those students whom a traditional educational model was failing.  Simply put, Philippe works until he finds what works.”     – Mark Twarogowski, Headmaster of Denver Academy

“During my work with this talented and passionate educator, I have had the good fortune to see what an incredible asset he is to not only Denver Academy community but also to the greater community of the state.  In his work, he makes time to meet with parents, educators, and the students to hear concerns and struggles and offers unbiased suggestions to address the needs of the student.  It is not only his ability to provide concrete suggestions but also his eagerness to uncover the amazing talents and strengths within a student which often help those closest to the situation see the students and struggles in a new and refreshing light.” –Debbie Campbell, Assistive Technology Consultant

“Philippe is the rare talent that blends keen technical instructional skill with a deep sense of personal responsibility for mentorship.   Philippe stands as a towering exemplar in our community about what it means to become a master teacher, and perhaps most importantly, to mentor those who come along behind you.  Regardless of the size of the task, Philippe has always leapt at any opportunity to share his wisdom with emerging teachers, and his sessions consistently rank as some of the most popular and enlightening with our cohorts.  Whether it is advocating for personalized learning or lighting the path for eager new teachers, Philippe represents so much of what we could celebrate in our educators.”    – Damion LeeNatali, Executive Director for Teach for America—Colorado

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is honored to recognize Philippe Ernewein as our 2017 Professional of the Year.