Saturday Participants

Materials and Directions for Handouts

Please bring:

• Set of colored markers
• Deck of playing cards
• Mixed bag of play money
• 2 dice
• Scissors
• Pkg. of 3×3 Post-It Notes
• 1 roll of scotch tape


It will be extremely helpful if you print handouts on 3-hole punched paper and put them in a notebook. They will be accessed in the order listed below.


Thirteen Rules That Expire (copy to single page: two sides– front and back)
Twelve Rules for Middle Grade that Expire (copy to single page: two sides – front and back)
Math Practice Bingo
Math Practice Look fors
Additive Structures and Part-Part Whole
Word Problem Sort
Cookies for Sharing
Find A Place (print out two copies)
Find A Place Directions
Place Value Mat with Double Ten Frame (copy on legal size paper- landscape)
Bowl a Fact
Fourths or not Fourth
Whole or Part
Playground Fractions (print in color, make 2 copies)
Link Sheet