Friday Participants

Materials and Directions for Handouts

 Please bring:

  • Set of colored markers
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Mixed bag of play money
  • 1 meter stick
  • 2 dice
  • Scissors
  • of 3×3 Post-It Notes
  • 1 roll of scotch tape


It will be extremely helpful if you print handouts on 3-hole punched paper and put them in a notebook.  They will be accessed in the order listed below.

Thirteen Rules That Expire  (copy to single page: two sides – front and back)

Additive Struct.and Part-Part Whole

Word Problem Sort

Math Practices Bingo

Math Practices Look Fors

Paddler Mat and Page

Ten Frame

Double Ten Frame

Place Value Mats with Double Ten Frames  (copy on legal size paper-landscape)

Find A Place  (print out two copies)

Find A Place Directions

Cookies for Sharing

Bowl A Fact

Fourths or Not Fourths

Link Sheet Page