2019 CCLD Tuition Scholarship Recipients

Bethlehem A. Berhe

Betty is completing her Special Education Teacher Certificate at the University of Denver through the Morgridge College of Education Teacher Education Program.  Betty  is relentlessly and highly reflective.  She continues to improve on a daily basis and is an inspiration to her colleagues and peers. She is  talented academically, and brings depth to her coursework which transcends into her instructional practices.  Betty has quickly incorporated many best practices into her own teaching and will be a wonderful asset to the special education teaching profession. She is passionate about bring equality to linguistically diverse learners and brings a diverse perspective to the table when thinking about curriculum development and best pedagogical practices.

“She has very high expectations for student achievement, she promotes academic language, and scaffolds her instruction to ensure every student succeeds.” — Assistant Professor of Practice Betsy Leonard.

Theresa Butterfield

Theresa Butterfield is completing her Special Education Program through the University of Northern Colorado.  Theresa was originally on track to become an attorney and was attending the University of Denver when she switch careers to fulfill her heart and work with individuals with learning disabilities. Theresa has incredibly strong academic skills and many of her papers and collaborative work has been used as exemplars throughout her course work at UNC. She currently works in a title 1 school to provide intervention services to at-risk students and students with IEPs.

“Theresa is an outstanding student and will be make many wonderful contributions to the special education field.”— Patti Whetstone Adjunct Professor

Jordan Schlehuber

Jordan is completing his Special Education Teacher Certificate at Western State Colorado University.  Jordan Schlehuber is an exemplary student at Western State Colorado University. He a role model for high school students and the field of education is in dire need of teachers who are committed to supporting and helping students to achieve. Jordan builds a respectable and solid rapport for students with disabilities. He has been very active in the Unified basketball and has assumed many important roles within the coaching arena to support and promote equality for individuals with disabilities.

“Jordan builds a strong relationship with the kids he works with and really reach the students from where they are at in their learning trajectory.” — Jackie Luft, Ed.D.