2018 CCLD Professional of the Year Awarded to

Dr. Lynne Fitzhugh

Dr. Lynne Fitzhughis the recipient of the 2018 Colorado Professional of the Year Award. Lynne is Director and Full-time Lecturer of the Colorado College Master of Arts in Teaching – Literacy Specialist Program. She also is the Founder and President of the Colorado Literacy and Learning Center.

In 2007, Dr. Fitzhugh created the Literacy Intervention Specialist Certificate Program, an intensive two-year program that enables graduates to earn national certification with the Academic Language Therapy Association. In 2012, Dr. Fitzhugh’s program at Colorado College was named by the International Dyslexia Association as one of only nine university programs in the United States that met the organization’s “Knowledge and Practice Standards for teachers of Reading.”

Lynne reflects, “In my role, I am able to share my love of structural linguistics and reading instruction. My goal is that graduates completing this program are the most highly qualified reading teachers in the country, providing instruction that is clinically diagnostic and prescriptive, multisensory, intensive, and results driven”

Janie Harvey, a colleague, states, “Lynne is an outstanding educator, a true pioneer and champion for dyslexia intervention and remediation in the state of Colorado. Lynne has single handedly trained the most knowledgeable teachers, transforming the lives of countless students.”

Mike Taber, Associate Professor and Chair at Colorado College states, “Her dedication to establishing the Colorado Literacy Center is a testament to her service to children with dyslexia and to their parents.”

The Council for Learning Disabilities is honored to recognize Dr. Lynne Fitzhugh as the 2018 Professional of the Year.