2015 CCLD Teacher of the Year Award

Norine Green

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities (CCLD) has awarded the 2015 Teacher of the Year to Norine Green. Norine is currently a special education teacher at Beaver Valley Elementary School in Brush, Colorado.

Norine states that to help all learners in the classroom, she focuses on the four C’s: Caring, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. The first thing is to care for all students in the class. Communication with colleagues and collaboration is an ongoing process, and creativity builds access to resources for the district. Parents and colleagues shared the comments below.

I can never express in words all the support Norine Green has given. She is a one-of-a-kind teacher. She doesn’t come to get a paycheck. She generously loves and cares about each one of her kids. She has helped me learn how to deal with my daughter’s epilepsy and school issues. She is an inspiration to my daughter and myself.
– Ashley Arroyo, parent of former student

Mrs. Green spends her own hard-earned money on books for the classroom and on materials to send home with her students to help them understand homework. She goes above and beyond when helping her students.
– Erika Johnson, parent of former student

Norine persists! She presses on with new strategies and ideas to serve students on her caseload when students are not making the growth she expects. She embraces the idea that “no student will fail” under her watch. She has high expectations for her students and expects nothing but the best. She brings in engaging instructional strategies and supports to keep kids from failing and to keep kids learning. She showcases much passion and dedication to the lives of the students she serves.
– Jocelyn Walters, Director of Special Education

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is honored to recognize Norine Green as our 2015 Teacher of the Year.