2013 CCLD Teacher of the Year Award


Icaro Mardones

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is honored to recognize Icaro Mardones as the 2013 Teacher of the Year. Icaro is a special education teacher at Lincoln High School in Denver Public Schools.

Icaro Mardones constantly affirms and encourages his high school students. Throughout his social studies and science courses, he integrates technology, hands-on learning, and real world applications in his pervasive efforts to infuse his lessons with purpose and relevance. Teaching students of many different skill levels and behavioral issues, Mr. Mardones also reflects deeply regarding his efficacy as a teacher and modifies his instruction accordingly, as he seeks to help all of his students learn. As noted by his special education department chair in Denver Public Schools, Mr. Mardones’ “passion for the field does much to raise the level of the teaching environment.”

Mr. Mardones also strives to help all students learn; he advocates for them and establishes a safe and welcoming classroom atmosphere where all students are valued. One parent wrote about how painfully shy her daughter is and how Mr. Mardones’ patience and humor had resulted in her daughter actively participating in class. This parent also stated, “As a parent we want our kids to learn and be successful in life. Mr. Mardones cares for our kids and teaches them in a way that the kids with disabilities understand.”

For his passionate dedication to instruction and student learning, his advocacy for his students, his crafting of a safe and encouraging classroom environment for all students, and his deep and deliberate self-reflection regarding his instructional practices, the Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is proud to announce Mr. Icaro Mardones, “Teacher of the Year.”