Math on the “Planes”® Overview

2013 marks the eleventh anniversary of Math on the “Planes”®. The conference was originally hosted at Havern Center and was attended by about 30 special education teachers. It became clear that there was a great need for sharing evidenced-based instructional practices in mathematics. A vision for the conference emerged as special education and general education teachers began to see the need to form a more collaborative relationship in order to meet the needs of all students who struggle in mathematics. This vision was later incorporated into the early RtI efforts in the state.

These factors became the seeds for growth and from this growth emerged the collaborative relationship between CCLD and CoMMIT (Colorado Metro Math Intervention Team) and CCTM (Colorado Council for Teachers of Mathematics). With the help of math leadership in Colorado, the conference now provides professional-development opportunities for math educators and leadership teams from individual buildings and school districts representing every region of the state.


Math on the “Planes”® Pre-Conference February 20, 2014
and February 21-22, 2014 Conference

Presented by:
Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities
Colorado Metro Math Intervention Team
Colorado Council for Teachers of Mathematics

Numeracy and Proportional Reasoning:
Assessment and Instruction

Dr. Mary Pittman, CDE Mathematics Specialist will be the presenter for the pre-conference workshop on February 20, 2014. This one day training is suggested for participants who did not attend the February, 2013 training. Because of the critical need for teachers to understand the instructional implications of diagnostic assessment tools, Dr. Pittman will repeat the training provided at the February, 2013 Conference. Participants of this interactive-workshop will develop a deeper understanding of the foundations of numeracy (including the concepts of proportional reasoning and spatial-visualization) and learn ways to assess these concepts within the Colorado Academic Standards.

Dr. Richard Kitchen, professor and Kennedy Endowed Chair of Urban Education, University of Denver will be the featured presenter at the Math on the “Planes” conference on February 21-22, 2014. Dr. Kitchen will present on Explain How You Know. . . How to use instruction in mathematical models to enable all students to approach novel problem-solving and explain their thinking. The workshop will also be facilitated by several of the state math leaders who presented at the 2013 Math on the “Planes” Boot Camp.


Math on the “Planes”® February 20, 2014 Documents for Thursday Participants


Math on the “Planes”® February 2013 Resources


Math on the “Planes”® Summer Boot Camp 2013 Resources